How To Make Coffee In The Microwave (That’s Delicious)?

A lot of coffee drinkers depend on the oh-so-reliable coffee maker to brew their morning energy source. But what if you’re in a rush and really want to just get it going with an instant cup of coffee?

So how do you make coffee in the microwave? This method is another convenient way to prepare your brew within a few minutes.

Of course, brewing coffee in a microwave will not give the same results as making coffee using a coffee machine. Still, knowing how the process goes can be helpful in case you are in a place where a coffee maker is not available.

Here’s how to make coffee in a microwave.

how to make coffee in the microwave
Making coffee in the microwave is the next most convenient way after using a coffee maker.

How To Make Coffee In A Microwave: An In-Depth Guide

There are two ways that you can make coffee in a microwave. Both are simple processes that only require a few pieces of equipment.

  • Microwave
  • Spoon
  • Microwave-safe coffee mug
  • Water
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Coffee filter

Method 1: Putting the coffee grounds directly into the water

1. Fill a microwave-safe mug with water

Take your microwave-safe mug and fill it with 12 ounces of water. It will take approximately 2 to 3 minutes to boil, so you will not have to wait for too long.

The good thing about making coffee in the microwave is that it stays hot for an extended period. The reason is that the mug itself also heats up, so it will not suck heat from your coffee.

2. Wait for the water to cool a little

Allow the water to sit for about half a minute. After 30 seconds, its temperature should go down to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (96.1 degrees Celsius) — the ideal temperature for making coffee.

3. Add in your coffee grounds

cup of coffee
If you don’t have a coffee filter, you will have to make do with drinking coffee with floating coffee grounds.

Once the water cools a little, the next thing you will do is to add your freshly ground coffee into the hot water. Let the coffee sit for about four minutes so that the flavours will stir in with the water.

When you are happy with the strength of your brew, get a paper filter and let your coffee pass through it to get rid of the coffee grounds.

But if you do not have a coffee filter, you will have to drink your coffee the unfiltered way. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as long as you allow the coffee grounds to settle ultimately into the bottom of the mug.

Leaving the coffee grounds in your mug will result in an overly strong coffee. So, you need to drink your coffee fast if you are not going to filter the coffee grounds.

Method 2: Do-It-Yourself Coffee Pouch

coffee in a tea bag
You can make a DIY coffee pouch for making coffee in a microwave using a paper filter, freshly ground coffee, and string.

I’m sure you are familiar with coffee pouches. If you have a paper coffee filter and a string, you can make a DIY coffee pouch that you can use for making coffee in the microwave.

1. Heat your water

For this method of making coffee in the microwave, you need to follow the process of boiling and preparing your water done in the first method.

Boiling coffee in the microwave generally takes two to three minutes, depending on the microwave’s wattage.

2. Prepare your paper filter and coffee grounds

coffee pouch
Making a coffee pouch is one way to brew coffee in the microwave.

Fill the middle of the filter with freshly ground coffee and bunch up the edges to form a pouch. Then, get a piece of string and tie it securely on the edges so the coffee grounds will not escape.

Make sure to leave a few inches of string on the pouch. This string will serve as a handle when you need to remove the coffee pouch from the water.

3. Let your DIY coffee pouch steep

Once both the water and the coffee pouch are ready, the only thing left to do is to soak the bag in hot water and wait for four minutes.

After removing the coffee pouch from the mug, you can then drink the coffee as it is or add sweetener and creamer if you please.

And there you have it! Making coffee in the microwave when you do not have a coffee maker available is relatively easy.

Can You Steam Frothed Milk In The Microwave?

frothed milk
When making coffee in a microwave, you can also steam your frothed milk in the appliance for a better-tasting java.

If you like to top your coffee with frothed steamed milk, steaming milk in the microwave is a quick way to achieve it.

To froth your milk, get a microwave-safe jar and fill it with milk about halfway through. Then, secure the lid as tightly as possible and shake it vigorously until bubbles form.

Remove the lid and place the jar in the microwave. Heat the milk for about 30 to 40 seconds to achieve the perfect steam.

Finally, pour the steamy milk foam into your coffee and enjoy a delicious energy source.

Things To Take Note Of About Making Coffee In The Microwave

cup of coffee
There are a few precautions when making coffee in the microwave.

A microwave is an efficient appliance. While it is not a popular tool for making coffee, it allows you to prepare your brew quickly once you know how the process goes.

Even better, knowing how to make coffee in the microwave means you will not need to use fancy coffee machines, such as an espresso maker or a French Press.

But to ensure that you are making coffee in the microwave the right way, here are a few things that you need to take note of:

Water can quickly overheat in the microwave

Water and any other type of liquid can quickly overheat when placed in the microwave. That said, you need to see the water bubbling when you are heating water for your coffee in the microwave.

If your microwaved water is not boiling as it heats up, it may indicate that its temperature went past its boiling point. Such could lead to superheated water, which is dangerous as it could erupt when removed from the oven.

Adding coffee grounds into superheated water can also result in flash boils, which can burn your hands.

But if you follow the right way of boiling water in the microwave, you will be able to enjoy your coffee safely.

Microwaving brewed coffee may make it lose its flavours and aroma

coffee cup
Microwaving brewed coffee can make it taste stale.

Reheating brewed coffee in the microwave is completely fine. But you have to note that doing so will make the coffee lose its original taste and aroma.

The electromagnetic microwaves released by the appliance to heat your coffee will break down both the flavour and aroma of your coffee. As a result, your java will not be as bitter or sweet as you first brewed it.

While microwaving coffee can break down its flavours, its caffeine content remains the same. For this reason, the amount of caffeine in your brew will stay the same and will still give you the kick to wake you up.

How To Make Coffee In The Microwave: The FAQs


Why does coffee taste different when heated in the microwave?

The acidity in coffee increases as its temperature decreases. As mentioned, heating coffee in the microwave will break down its flavours.

This leads to a stale cup of coffee that becomes sour and acidic as it cools down.

Is microwaved coffee carcinogenic?

microwave oven
There is no evidence that heating food and drinks in a microwave can cause cancer.

Many people believe that microwaving coffee can cause it to become carcinogenic; thus, it poses adverse effects on the human body.

However, there isn’t any evidence that making coffee in the microwave can cause cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society released a statement in 2018 that microwaves are not as dangerous as people think.

The organisation also added that the radiation released by microwaves is not strong enough to pose adverse effects on one’s health. So, making coffee in the microwave is completely safe as long as you don’t leave the water boiling for too long.

Why should you brew coffee in the microwave?

There are numerous methods for making coffee. But if your conventional coffee maker is not working, a microwave oven is the next most convenient appliance in your kitchen.

A microwave can boil water within two to three minutes, so making coffee in the microwave is relatively quick. You only need to boil the water for three minutes and let it rest for 30 seconds.

Then, steep the coffee grounds for about four minutes and you can enjoy your java without fancy tools.

Making Coffee In The Microwave: The Bottomline

julia florczak Y6O6PHJRQms unsplash 1

Knowing how to make coffee in the microwave can be helpful in some situations. For instance, your coffee maker stops working suddenly, and you do not have any other quick ways to brew your fresh coffee grounds.

In that case, the quickest possible way to enjoy your caffeine is by preparing it in the microwave.

All you need to do is heat some water, add the coffee grounds, let the flavours come out, and enjoy your cup of coffee!

With everything that’s said, will you try making coffee in the microwave? Make sure to share your experience with us by commenting on this blog!