How To Make Bulletproof Coffee Without Blender

How to make bulletproof coffee without a blender? This is a question that I have thought of for the longest time when I want that perfect morning coffee without access to a blender.

There is nothing better than starting a day with a good cup of creamy coffee. However, I find that drinking the same brew every day can be boring in the long run (coffee is a versatile drink, so why not enjoy it using different brewing methods, right?)

So, I looked up the internet and found a great way to upgrade my coffee — Bulletproof coffee. The only problem is that my blender broke recently, so I did not have the right tools to prepare my coffee.

But being the coffee savvy person that I am, I looked for an alternative that I could replace my blender with. To everyone who wants to try this cool coffee hack, let me share with you how to make bulletproof coffee without using a blender.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee consists of coffee, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, and unsalted butter. It is a trademarked recipe developed by Dave Asprey.

Mr. Asprey said that his coffee can be a great morning energizer considering the ingredients. Even better, it only contains a small number of carbohydrates, so it is perfect for those who want to watch their weight.

Since this coffee has MCT oil, it’s claimed to stabilize hunger pangs, suppress appetite, and provide the calories you need every morning.

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee Without A Blender

how to make bullet proof coffee without blender
Making bulletproof coffee at home without a blender is an easy process that involves only three steps.

Who wouldn’t love a cup of delicious, frothy, and aromatic coffee? You can even add unsalted butter to your cup to make your coffee off the charts.

However, you will need a blender to get the perfect foam for your butter coffee. But if you do not have a blender with you, worry not, as you can still make your bulletproof coffee.

What You’ll Need

  • Ground coffee
  • Unsalted butter
  • MCT Oil
  • Flavoring (cinnamon, vanilla, or whatever your preference is)
  • Sweetener
  • Brewing equipment
  • An immersion blender, milk frother, or a whisk
  • A mug

The Process

1. Brew your coffee

When making butter coffee, my suggestion is to use high-quality ground coffee. Using medium roast coffee is also ideal to ensure that it will not overpower the taste of your other ingredients.

Additionally, getting freshly roasted and ground coffee beans, if possible, is the most excellent way to bring the best out of your butter coffee.

2. Combine every ingredient into your favorite mug.

Add your warm brewed coffee, a tablespoon of unsalted butter, and a teaspoon of MCT oil into a 12oz mug.

For the flavouring, the amount you want to add will be up to your preference. I like my butter coffee less potent, so I only added a teaspoon of vanilla.

3. Froth it up and enjoy!

Get a milk frother or an immersion blender. Begin frothing your bulletproof coffee by moving the tool up and down for 30 seconds or until you achieve a thick froth. Once all the ingredients are blended together, you can now enjoy a great cup of coffee!

If you do not have a milk frother or an immersion blender with you, you can also use a regular whisk. But remember that using a whisk for frothing will take longer than using a milk frother.

Is Bulletproof Coffee A Healthy Drink?

bulletproof coffee
One of the best things about bulletproof coffee is its thick foam.

Bulletproof or butter coffee is a popular drink. Its creators claim that it can:

  • prevent hunger
  • maintain your energy levels
  • improve focus

But is this coffee really beneficial?

According to the highly respected journal The BMJ, drinking coffee moderately is beneficial. In fact, it can reduce the risk of cancers, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

So, bulletproof coffee is indeed beneficial if taken in moderation. This coffee product may also be beneficial for weight loss since it uses coconut-derived MCT oil.

According to those who promote the said coffee, it fits people who are on a ketogenic eating plan. The reason is that it consists of fat but has no carbs.

Prevents Hunger

Another claim about this type of coffee is that it can prevent hunger in the morning. The reason is that the butter added to the coffee can make a person feel less hungry than if they drink brewed coffee alone.

However, it is essential to note that people are different. Some people may still feel hungry after drinking butter coffee in the morning.

Brewing Things Up

How to make bulletproof coffee without a blender? There are several alternatives to blender so you can enjoy your butter coffee at home.

The preparation of this coffee is also easy. You simply brew coffee, add in the other ingredients, and mix, and voila – you have your coffee ready! You can use a milk frother for easy preparation or a regular whisk if a frother is not available.

In a few minutes, you can enjoy your warm morning coffee.

But regardless of how delicious coffee is, you should never drink more than the experts’ daily recommended amount. This way, you can ensure that you remain healthy while enjoying your caffeinated drink.