How To Cool Coffee Fast: 8 Tips That Work!

You have a cup of coffee in front of you. The only problem is that you can’t drink it yet no matter how much you crave it because it’s too hot (bummer!)

Been there, done that. I actually detest the fact that I need to wait for at least 10 minutes just so I can take a sip of my coffee.

Now, before you say that I can simply blow on my coffee to cool it down, I have to say that it’s pretty inefficient, especially if I’m in a rush.

If you have undergone the same dilemma I did, below are some hacks on how to cool coffee fast.

how to cool coffee fast
There are several ways to cool coffee fast and they are easy to perform.

Coffee 101: How To Cool Coffee Fast

The National Coffee Association says that the ideal temperature for coffee is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Quite hot, if I may say.

And imagine sipping 200-degree coffee only to find out that it’s scalding. But did you know that you can bring it from 200 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes?

If not, here are eight hacks that I tried and found effective:

Transfer your coffee from one cup to another

pouring coffee from one cup to another
Pouring coffee from one cup to another causes its temperature to drop gradually.

One of the quickest ways I learned how to cool coffee fast is by transferring it from one cup to another. This is an old hack, yet it is very effective and easy to do.

All you need is two cups and your hands to transfer the coffee.

The science behind this trick is that the first cup absorbs some of the heat from the coffee. The new cup absorbs heat when you transfer it to the other cup.

This is one of the first tricks I tell my friends when they ask me how to cool coffee fast.

Add ice cubes

iced coffee

Wouldn’t ice make the coffee taste bland once it melts, you ask? Well, you can prevent that by brewing your coffee stronger than usual.

You can also use crushed ice if you want it to melt and cool your coffee faster.

Just make sure not to add too much ice, as it will affect the taste of your coffee. It may also make your coffee colder than your preferred temperature.

Use coffee cubes

Some people dislike ice (a.k.a water) to dilute their coffee. So, how to cool coffee fast then?

Instead of using ice cubes, you can freeze coffee in an ice cube mold. When using this hack, you can brew less coffee than you normally do and add your frozen coffee.

The frozen coffee cubes will increase the volume of your coffee once they melt, so you will still drink the exact amount that you usually do.

Some people even add frozen coffee cubes to their milk to make cold coffee.

Use cold milk or syrup

coffee with milk
Using cold milk instead of steamed one can cool coffee fast.

If you like adding milk to your coffee, another hack that answers how to cool coffee fast is using cold milk instead of steamed milk.

You can also pre-mix the milk, sugar, and creamer and store it in the fridge. Your piping hot coffee will cool down instantly when you add this mixture, allowing you to save time.

Ice bath

By now, you may be asking me how to cool coffee fast if it’s in a large batch. The answer? Ice bath!

Place the coffee in a metal container, such as your gooseneck kettle, and dip it in an ice bath. You can also add salt to your ice (not on the coffee, please don’t be a coffee murderer!)

Adding salt to ice causes freezing-point depression, which gives the ice an even lower temperature than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Agitate your coffee

This trick can be as simple as stirring your coffee continuously or placing it in a metal container and shaking it for a while. Since the ambient temperature is a lot lower than the temperature of your coffee, it absorbs the heat from your coffee, causing the temperature to drop.

If you do not stir your coffee, the heat will be concentrated in the middle, making it more difficult for the cool air to cool it down.

Opt for a cold brew

cold brew
Cold brew is one excellent way to enjoy your coffee without waiting for it to cool down.

If searching for ways how to cool coffee fast is an everyday dilemma, then why not try switching to cold brew coffee? Such is incredibly easy to make, and you will be able to drink it straight right after pouring yourself a cup.

To make cold brew, you only need coarsely ground coffee and room temperature water. Mix the coffee grounds and water in a jar and place it in your fridge for 12 hours.

You can filter the grounds, add milk and sugar, and enjoy your caffeine when you want to drink your coffee.

Use frozen milk

Instead of freezing coffee, you can freeze your milk and throw it in your freshly brewed coffee. As the frozen milk melts, it will cause the temperature of your coffee to drop, allowing you to take a sip in no time.

This is a good hack if you want to drink cold coffee. Instead of adding ice cubes that can make your coffee taste bland once melted, frozen milk cubes will slowly infuse with your hot coffee.

As the milk combines with your coffee, your drink will taste better with every sip.

Cooling Things Down

There is something about the aroma of coffee that makes it irresistible. But drinking hot coffee on a warm day can make you all sweaty and uncomfortable.

Hot coffee can also be a problem when you are in a rush, and you need to chug your cup.

That said, I hope that the tricks above can help you find ways how to cool coffee fast.