How Long Do Keurigs Last? Lifespan & Care Guide Tips!

Many of us cannot function without having coffee first thing in the morning. With limited time in the morning, all we really want is a quick cup of coffee.

The answer to this is a Keurig. With this modern coffee maker, all you have to do is add a coffee pod and wait for the machine to let it brew!

But a Keurig is not exactly cheap. For this reason, there are proper checks and quality that need to be done before purchasing the right one.

That said, the first question that came to my mind when I planned on buying a Keurig coffee maker was that “how long do Keurigs last?”

Coffee Maker 101: How Long Do Keurigs Last?

how long do keurigs last
With proper care, you can use your Keurig for five to six years.

Many Keurig users attest that this coffee machine can last between five to six years. Others even say that they have been using their Keurigs for over ten years.

However, it is worth noting that how you care for your coffee maker can increase or decrease its lifespan.

It does not matter how expensive your coffee maker is. Your coffee machine will never last long if you are not taking good care of it.

Moreover, Keurig coffee machines have different lifespans. But the better a model’s build quality is, the lower its failure potential will be.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of A Keurig?

keurig coffee maker
There are preventative measures that you can perform to help your Keurig last for years.

A Keurig’s lifespan depends on your care and usage. It is ideal for taking preventative measures to ensure that your coffee machine will last for a long time.

The steps to caring for a Keurig can also result in better-tasting coffee.

Only use coffee pods that are compatible with your Keurig

There are countless K-cups that you can buy on the market right now. Considering the different flavours that these coffee pods have, it can be tempting to purchase one, even when Keurig did not make them.

The problem is that using such coffee pods can ruin your coffee maker. It will also ruin your warranty, so you will have no choice but to have your Keurig repaired by a third-party technician.

These coffee pods contain much sugar, which can cause a sticky buildup on your coffee machine. This buildup can clog your Keurig, causing it to stop working.

Keurig has coffee pods called K-cups, which are compatible with Keurig coffee makers.

Avoid using tap water

Tap water has minerals that can buildup inside your Keurig when used constantly, thus cutting the lifespan of your Keurig short.

For this reason, only use distilled water instead of tap water. This way, you can prevent the minerals in the water from touching your coffee maker, significantly increasing your Keurig’s lifespan.

Descale your coffee maker every month

If you are using tap water for your Keurig, there will be limescale buildup in your coffee machine in the long run. This buildup will cause problems in terms of brewing, such as changing the taste of your coffee.

One way to prevent your Keurig from getting damaged by limescale buildup is to descale it once a month. Failing to descale your coffee maker can result in irreversible damage, thus ending your Keurig’s lifespan early.

Replace your charcoal filter

The charcoal filter is a filter that purifies your brew. This filter only lasts for limited brew cycles.

So, if your Keurig has a charcoal filter, it is crucial to replace it after 60 tank refills.

Moreover, A Keurig’s charcoal filter lasts based on how often you use your Keurig machine. If you drink coffee multiple times a day, replacing the filter every after two months will keep your coffee taste great.

Apart from that, it will also increase your Keurig’s lifespan.

Clean your coffee machine every day

Make sure to remove the K-cup you used after making your last coffee for the day. You also need to wipe the outer part and K-cup holder of the machine to ensure no residues are stuck on it.

You also need to empty the water reservoir if you will not use your Keurig for more than two days. Letting the water sit on the reservoir without turning the coffee machine on can cause additional limescale buildup.

How To Clean Your Keurig

Cleaning your Keurig coffee maker is an essential part of making it last longer.

The best way to increase the number of years that your Keurig stays with you is to make sure that it is always in perfect shape. One way to do such is to clean your Keurig.

While cleaning your Keurig every day seems like an easy task, deep cleaning is a different issue.

The deep-cleaning process is time-consuming. You need to clean every part of it to ensure that no dirt will affect the machine’s operation.

Here are the signs that your coffee machine needs a good deep cleaning:

  • your Keurig produces less amount of brew than expected
  • it takes a longer time to make coffee than the usual
  • your coffee has an unusual smell, such as a moldy and mildewy odor
  • there are mineral deposits on the visible parts of the Keurig

If your Keurig shows any of these signs, then it is high time you deep clean it.

Deep Cleaning Your Keurig Coffee Machine

Deep-cleaning your Keurig is time-consuming but it helps you preserve the quality of your machine for years

1. Empty the water reservoir

As mentioned, water causes limescale buildup on your coffee maker. So, the first step to cleaning your Keurig is to remove the water from the reservoir.

2. Remove and clean the detachable parts of the machine.

Remove every detachable part of your Keurig and wash them in the sink. Mix dish soap with warm water and use a soft toothbrush to clean.

The warm water will help soften the coffee oil, and grease stuck on the crevices of your Keurig.

In addition, some Keurig coffee makers have components that you can wash in a dishwasher. If your machine is one of those, then this step is easier to do.

3. Clean the reservoir base and coffee pod housing

After disassembling the coffee maker, get a small cleaning brush and dip it in vinegar. Use this to clean your Keurig’s coffee pod housing and the base where you place the reservoir.

The coffee pod housing contains trapped coffee grounds, which can harden in the long run. Using vinegar will loosen these grounds, allowing you to clean them better.

4. Give the reusable filter a good scrub.

Reusable filters trap coffee grounds. While this part is dishwasher-safe, the dishwasher does not do a very good job cleaning it, so you have to scrub it manually.

So, it is ideal for soaking the filter in vinegar to soften the trapped coffee grounds. Once the grounds soften, use a small brush to remove them from the filter until it is spotless.

5. Clean the internal parts of the coffee maker

It is not enough that you cleaned the removable parts of the Keurig. Cleaning its internal part is also essential to ensure that your coffee maker stays in good shape.

To clean the inside of your Keurig, dry the parts that you detached and reassemble it. Fill the water reservoir with two cups of water and four cups of white vinegar.

Do not attach the filter yet. Allow the machine to run a few times as if brewing the water and vinegar mixture.

After a few cycles, let the machine sit for a few hours without removing the mixture. You are essentially soaking the machine in this step.

Once a few hours have passed, let the machine run a complete cycle and remove the vinegar and water mixture. The solution has indeed become dirty at this point.

6. Rinse the reservoir

The next step is to rinse the reservoir a few times to remove the taste and smell of vinegar. Then, fill it with distilled water and let your Keurig run several times more.

You are essentially rinsing the inside of the Keurig in this step. This way, you can remove the lingering vinegar taste and prevent it from affecting your coffee.

Once the rinsing is done, you are all set! You can use your Keurig like it’s a new purchase.

At this point, your answer to the question “how long do Keurigs last” will be “many years.”

In Summary

how long do keurigs last
Keurigs are a convenient way to make coffee and they will serve their purpose for years if well taken care of.

How long do Keurigs last? The answer to this question depends on how you take care of your coffee machine.

If you are cleaning your coffee maker regularly and doing preventative measures to avoid damaging it, your Keurig may even last for up to 10 years. This is not a bad lifespan, considering that you regularly use your coffee maker.

We hope that this article gave you the tips you need to take care of your Keurig coffee machine.

Do you have any experience related to cleaning your Keurig? We’ll love to hear them! You can share your stories by commenting down below!