French Press Vs Moka Pot: What’s the Real Difference?

Two of the coffee brewing tools that I can never live without are my French Press and Moka pot. These two tools are the quickest ways that I can make coffee on days when I’m too lazy to use my other brewing tools.

In the world of coffee snobs, many have their own opinions about which between French press vs Moka pot can make better coffee.

Well, both brewing tools can make a fantastic cup of coffee. But it is important to note that they have significant differences.

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What Is A Moka Pot And What Is It Good For?

french press vs moka pot
When trying out a French press vs Moka pot, you’ll find the Moka pot is more complex to use.

A Moka pot is a metal brewer that you use on a stove-top. It has three parts:

  • the top part where the brewed coffee goes to
  • the middle part that holds the coffee grounds
  • the bottom part that holds the water and gets heated

The bottom piece holds the water that you will use for brewing your coffee. As it gets heated, the water expands into the middle part, which is a filter that contains the coffee grounds.

As the hot water saturates the coffee grounds, the heat from the bottom piece pushes it to the top reservoir for brewed coffee.

When To Use A Moka Pot

A Moka pot works best for people who want to drink a strong-tasting coffee without using the complicated espresso machine.

This coffee brewing tool is a non-mechanical way of making bold coffee for people who are fans of espresso. However, it is essential to note that coffee made using a Moka pot can not rival the authentic taste of espresso.

Still, you can use a Moka pot to make coffee blends that use an espresso base.

Moreover, this tool has a capacity limit. Some Moka pots can only make up to six cups of coffee at a single brewing. For this reason, it may be convenient if you are only making coffee for yourself.

With Moka pots, you cannot adjust the amount of coffee you want to brew. The quality of your coffee will decrease if you brew less than six cups in this brewing tool.

So, when choosing a Moka pot, it is ideal to get the right size that makes the quantity you need for every brewing.

What Is A French Press?

sorin gheorghita flrcFG0rvZU unsplash 1
French Press Vs Moka Pot: Flavourwise, the French press will give you sweeter and more mellow coffee.

On the other hand, a French press is a simple tool that consists of a plunger and a carafe. When comparing a French press vs Moka pot, you will find the former more straightforward to use.

The plunger fits tightly inside the carafe. It has four parts:

  • a fine metal mesh that serves as a filter
  • a metal plate with holes to let the coffee pass-through
  • a shaft that extends to the bottom of the carafe
  • a bottom piece that keeps the rest of the filters together

To use a French press, you first need to boil some water, just enough to make the amount of coffee you need. While the coffee boils, add your coarse coffee grounds into the carafe.

Once the water boils, add it to your ground coffee and use the plunger to keep the coffee grounds in the bottom. Wait for about four minutes, and your coffee is ready.

When To Use A French Press

Between French press vs Moka pot, you can use the French press when you need to brew a large amount of coffee. This tool works well for people who do not have much experience in coffee brewing.

A small French press can make up to five cups of coffee, while the large ones can make about 10 to 12 cups.

Unlike the Moka pot, you can adjust the amount of coffee that you want to make in a French press. Even better, you will not compromise the quality of your final brew.

The adaptability of a French press is beneficial if you need to make different amounts of coffee occasionally.

Using this brewing tool, the best way to make good coffee is to measure your water and coffee with a weighing scale. You need to aim at a 1:15 water to coffee ratio.

If you want a stronger brew, you can either reduce the quantity of water or add more coffee grounds.

French Press Vs Moka Pot: How Do They Differ?

french press vs moka pot
You will see a difference in brew time, coffee quality, and coffee grounds used when you compare French press vs Moka pot.

After knowing the strengths of the two coffee brewing tools, I found out the apparent differences between them.

I wanted to know which brewing tool is ideal for the coffee strength that I wish to. So, I compared French press vs Moka pot.


A French press is more of an aesthetic coffee tool, making it a more expensive option than a Moka pot.

The coffee industry created the Moka pot for family use. So, it is cost-effective and efficient.

On the other hand, most of the people who buy French presses are those who are really into coffee. This difference reflects on the taste of coffee made by these brewing tools.

Moka pots make strong coffee, which fits people who are looking for something to kickstart their day. Meanwhile, using a French press allows you to make your coffee as artistically as you want.

Brew Time

Another difference in French press vs Moka pot is that a Moka pot utilizes pressure to brew coffee. Once you place this tool on the stove-top, the heat will produce the pressure needed to brew your coffee grounds.

A French press brews coffee by steeping the coffee grounds. Both methods take about four to five minutes to make coffee.

But if you want your coffee stronger, you can brew your coffee in your Moka pot for a more extended period.

Coffee Grounds

Since the coffee made using a Moka pot tastes similar to espresso, I always use finely ground coffee. However, the grind size should not be as fine as the coffee grounds used for espresso.

This way, you will be able to get an intense flavour for your brew.

For French presses, however, it is ideal to use coarsely ground coffee. Such coffee grounds will not pass through the brewer’s filter, making your coffee smooth and clean.

Brew Quality

If you taste the coffee made using French vs Moka pot, you will find a significant difference in the quality of their brews.

Using a Moka pot is ideal for a strong, bold coffee. This brew is also suitable for hot blends like latte and Americano.

In contrast, coffee brewed using a French press is rich and full-bodied. It is less overpowering, making it ideal for people who do not like their coffee bitter.


Brewing coffee using a French press lets you control the brewing process. You can increase or reduce the amount of water you will use or play with the ground size and steeping time.

Meanwhile, a Moka pot brews coffee on its own time. You also cannot control the amount of water you want to use for every brew.

As a result, you do not have much control over using a Moka pot.

French Press & Moka Pot: Which Ones To Get?

Moka Pot

  1. Moka Express

This is the original Moka Pot coffee, the stovetop expresso maker. It provides the experience of the real Italian way of preparing a tasteful coffee due to its unique shape and the inimitable gentleman with moustache date back to 1933, when Alfonso Bialetti invented it.

2. GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker (Moka Pot)

moka express grosche

The Milano Moka Pot is one of four styles in our line of popular Moka Pot stovetop espresso makers. Made of quality EN301 food grade aluminium, these premium espresso pots produce a rich and delicious cup of Italian coffee. This is the classic Italian coffee maker, with a modern design. Its also a cuban coffee maker or cafetera cubana, and a greca coffee maker.

French Press

  1. OlarHike French Press Coffee Maker
french press coffee 1

Think smooth sipping coffee — this French Press contains four layers of high-grade stainless steel filters to deliver you a clean flavorful brew every time. Composite filtration components prevent grounds/herbs/fruits from escaping into your cup. No more worrying about the taste of murky coffee, this four-layer filtration unit ensures you smooth sipping coffee.

2. Fellow Clara French Press Coffee Maker

french press coffee fellow clara

A super thoughtful French Press coffee maker. With nuanced details and upgraded features, this brewing process is easy, enjoyable, and the epitome of a coffee table centerpiece. Whether you want to dial-in a French press recipe at breakfast or entertain a crowd with shrimp cocktail in one hand and Clara in the other, you will always end up with an elevated cup.

FAQs: French Press Vs Moka Pot

french press vs moka pot
French Press Vs Moka Pot: Which is better?

Is French press better than Moka pot?

If you do not like a bold and sharp cup of coffee, a French press will work better for you. On the contrary, a Moka pot will give you strong, full-bodied coffee.

So, the answer to which is better between the two depends on how you like your coffee.

Is Moka pot coffee healthy?

According to Italian researchers, the antioxidants retained when making coffee using a Moka pot are twice as much as other brewing methods. Meaning a Moka pot is a healthy option to brew your joe.

Antioxidants play a crucial role in your overall health. So, getting as many antioxidants as possible from your coffee will help you boost your health.

Are Moka pots worth it?

Moka pots are worth purchasing if you need to make a large amount of coffee every day. It is also ideal if you want a strong brew or make latte and other coffee blends at home.

Another reason why a Moka pot is worth buying is that it can create coffee that tastes similar to espresso.

Brewing Things Up

There are significant differences between the French press vs Moka pot. For instance, the taste of French press and Moka pot coffee is entirely different.

Moka pot coffee tastes strong, while the ones brewed using a French press taste more subtle. These tools also differ in terms of brewing method, the quantity of the coffee brewed, and the tool’s flexibility.

Moreover, a French press is ideal for people who want to make artistic coffee blends. But if you are health-conscious, or if you are sensitive to acid, a Moka pot will work better for you.