32 Coffee Pairing Ideas With Food

No one can ever deny that coffee itself is already delicious. But did you know that pairing it with the right food can make it taste better?

Pairing coffee with good food can emphasize its flavours that are otherwise understated. What you eat or drink before or with your coffee plays a huge role in what your will taste! 

For instance, if you are into sweets, eating them while drinking coffee will round out the sweetness of whatever you are eating. This combo is perfect especially if you are tired and weary from a long day!

But will all the food available out there, finding which of them will pair well with your coffee can be a challenge. So, if you are not sure what food to pair with your coffee, here are 32 coffee pairing ideas for you to try.

coffee pairing ideas
The best coffee pairing ideas when you’re hungry and need that extra caffeine!

32 Sweet And Savory Coffee Pairing Ideas

Not every food will taste good with coffee. But here are 32 foods that make perfect companions with your cup of coffee.

1. Doughnuts


Doughnuts are surprisingly one of the best combos out there when it comes to coffee pairing. This is why Dunkin Donuts’ coffee and doughnuts combo was a big hit during their heydays!

This sweet treat comes in endless flavours that range from plain to those sprinkled with sugar, decked with glazes and icings, and filled with fruit jellies.

Regardless of the flavour of your doughnut, pairing it with good coffee will make it even better. Such is especially true if you are enjoying a milky and smooth cup of coffee.

2. Bacon


Who says coffee pairing ideas should only be sweet? While sweets will always go well with coffee, savoury foods also make a perfect pairing.

For instance, bacon is one of the best and most popular foods for breakfast. It has a salty, fatty, and savoury taste that only improves every time you sip an intense and hot cup of coffee.

3. Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese

One of the best coffee pairing ideas for a delightful afternoon snack is grilled cheese. Two crispy slices of toasted bread with gooey, savoury melted cheese in between make the coffee taste a lot better than it already is.

You can also add a strip or two of crispy bacon to your sandwich to make it taste meatier!

4. Scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs

Another breakfast food that makes one of the most incredible coffee pairing ideas is scrambled eggs.

It does not matter how you cook your scrambled eggs. You can cook the eggs with just salt and pepper or add vegetable slices to them.

Regardless of what you added to your scrambled eggs, they will really go well as a breakfast pairing option, especially when you pair them with a nice, strong brew.

5. Ham

ham rolls

Ham may seem like it will not go well with coffee due to its saltiness. However, cooking ham in pineapple juice will make it one of the best coffee pairing ideas.

The sweet and salty taste of ham will highlight the bitterness of coffee, making a perfect combination that you can eat anytime.

6. Pizza


It’s probably such a western thing to recommend pizza, but believe it or not, pizza is a versatile food as you can add a variety of toppings. While spicy pizza will not taste good with coffee, pizza with a hint of sweetness will make a perfect pair, think Hawaiian pizza, Mushroom pizza or Margerita pizza.

As long as the pizza sauce does not have garlic, you will have a great pair for your brew.

7. Tiramisu


Desserts are the best coffee pairing ideas. For instance, while the sweetness of tiramisu can make you thirsty, drinking strong coffee can alleviate this thirst.

8. French Toast

french toast

If you like latte, mocha, or cappuccino, a classic french toast will go well with them. Even gourmet french toasts, like the ones with pecans and salted caramel, are unique in its own right when paired with the right cup of brew.

9. Croissant


The buttery flavour of croissants also makes one of the most fantastic coffee pairing ideas. The taste of your coffee will highlight the slight sweetness and buttery notes of croissants, making it a good breakfast idea.

10. White Toast

white toast

If you are a fan of light and grainy breakfasts like white toasts, you might want to try pairing it with light to medium roast coffee.

Cappuccino and white toast are also among the best coffee pairing ideas.

11. Red Meat

red meat

Dark roasted coffee pairs well with red meats like lamb and beef. Roast chicken also pairs surprisingly well with dark and strong coffee.

12. Scones


Scones typically go with tea. But there is no rule that prohibits you from eating your scones with coffee, right?

If you like unflavoured scones, you can try eating them with coffee that has a hint of nuttiness. But if you often eat your scones with fruits like blueberries, eating them with a cup of cappuccino will be a great treat.

13. Cheese


Cheese has a creamy texture and savoury taste that blends well with dark coffee. Such is especially true if you pair your coffee with German, Swiss, and Scandinavian-style cheeses.

A cheese charcuterie board will make your coffee and cheese experience better. This way, you will have a lot of cheese slices to try with your java.

14. Berries


Fruits like berries have a light flavour that makes them go well with coffee. You can eat the berries as is while sipping a hot cup of espresso or add them to crepes and oatmeal for a great breakfast treat.

15. Bagels

bagel sandwich

Eating bagels for breakfast is one thing. But dipping your bagel into your coffee to make it softer is the real deal, taste-wise!

Bagels taste great with coffee, no matter if they are sweet or savoury. You can even top your bagel with your favourite fruit or meat to make it an even more satisfying breakfast.

16. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

peanut butter and banana sandwich

Peanut butter and bananas are a match made in heaven. They even become better when you turn them into a sandwich filling.

But no matter how good a peanut butter and banana sandwich already is, you can turn it even better by pairing it with good coffee.

17. Brownies


Brownies are a quick dessert after meals. But just imagine the sweetness and chocolatey taste of brownies paired with a steaming cup of creamy coffee.

The crispy edges of the brownies and their chewiness are fantastic coffee pairing ideas for people who are fond of sweet treats.

18. Savory Sandwiches


Sandwiches with savoury fillings make a great combo with coffee. Whether your sandwich has salami, ham, or sausage, one hot cuppa from your favourite barista will make a fantastic lunchtime combination.

Coffee also makes meals more satisfying especially on that chilled afternoons. For this reason, eating your lunch while sipping coffee is the perfect pick-me-up on rough days!

19. Pumpkin Bread

pumpkin bread

Pumpkin bread can make for a healthy and delicious quick afternoon snack. While a slice of pumpkin bread may seem simple on its own, pairing it with coffee will make your snack a lot more filling!

The mild spiciness and sweetness of the bread, paired with a strong black coffee, make the best snack for a calm afternoon.

20. Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies have an extra chocolate flavour along with the sweetness of the cookie dough itself. For this reason, this treat is a great addition to strong coffee.

The sweetness of the cookies balances the bitterness of bold coffee — two widely different taste that lend different notes!

21. Pound Cakes

pound cake

Unlike other cakes, pound cakes are dense as they do not rise much. They have a variety of flavours, and all these flavours boast richness.

Some people like topping their pound cakes with glaze. But regardless of their flavour, pound cakes match perfectly with coffee.

22. Danish Bread

danish bread

A danish is a delicious pastry filled with custard, berries, and icing. If you are into danishes, the ones filled with berry compote taste best with light roast coffee.

Danishes are best enjoyed during breakfast, though you can eat them any time of the day. Try finding coffee with berry notes to enjoy this pastry best.

23. Caramel Bars

caramel bars

Who would not love the sweetness of caramel bars? While they may be too sweet for some, pairing them with the right type of coffee balances the sweetness.

Caramel bars generally go well with all types of coffee. For starters, you can try them with creamy coffee, such as mocha, lattes, and cappuccinos.

24. Cream Puff

cream puffs

These pastries are puffy on the outside and hollow on the inside, making them perfect for creamy fillings. Cream puffs taste sweet, so they are perfect for both cold and hot coffee.

The outer crispy crust, soft and fluffy inner crumb and sweet filling of cream puffs define the bold and delicious notes of coffee.

25. Apple Pie

apple pie

What is a better way of enjoying a delicious slice of apple pie than sipping coffee along with it? Brewing light roast coffee to pair it with apple pie bring out the sweetness that no one can resist.

You can also top your apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for some creamy taste. Apple pie, ice cream on top, and coffee are some of the best ways to enjoy your cup of coffee!

26. Shortbread


Buttery, sweet, melts in your mouth — these are the characteristics of shortbread that make them one of the greatest coffee pairing ideas. Sipping coffee as the shortbread melts in your mouth is honestly the type of combination that makes you take a little pastry trip to England!

There are different shortbread variations, and all of them pair fantastically with coffee, almost like a comforting treat.

27. Salami Sandwich

salami sandwich

Salami is a savoury combination with hints of sweetness and spiciness. All these flavours go well with coffee, so the best way to enjoy your salami sandwich is to toast your bread, brew your coffee and bring along your favourite book.

To make your salami sandwich a better coffee pair, you can add some provolone cheese to it.

28. Lemon

espresso romano

As odd as it may sound, lemon and espresso go perfectly together. Ever heard of espresso romano? If not, then you are missing out!

Combining espresso and lemon results in a balanced bitterness and acidity. Just make a double shot espresso and add some lemon rind or juice to it to find out how uniquely delicious this pairing is.

29. Chicken Wrap

chicken wrap

Chicken wraps are the perfect food for lunch! This meal packs savory and salty flavours that make it great for people who like drinking coffee whenever they eat.

Add some spicy sauce to your chicken wrap to make it taste even better. This food’s burst of flavours goes well with any kind of coffee.

30. Roasted Tomato and Mozzarella Panini


We all know that nothing could go wrong when you add cheese to your food. Take a roasted tomato and mozzarella panini, for instance.

The slight sweetness and acidity of the roasted tomatoes and the delicate taste of mozzarella are perfect stuffing for grilled ciabatta bread. But what even makes this sandwich delectable is when you enjoy it with coffee.

31. Quiche


Quiche tastes creamy, savoury, and has a fluffy texture. It is like a mini pie loaded with egg, ham, and cheese.

This insanely good food is perfect for breakfast while you are sipping a warm cup of coffee.

32. Pancakes


Fluffy layers of pancakes, a slice of butter, and maple syrup are honestly some of the best combos if you have a sweet tooth. It works well as a breakfast staple as well!

The sweetness and fluffiness of pancakes blend perfectly with the slight bitterness of coffee. In fact, pancakes are one of the best coffee pairing ideas that you could ever try.

Final Pairing Thoughts

Coffee is a versatile beverage and it goes without saying that there are plenty of options to pair it with.

The coffee pairing ideas mentioned above are only some of the best ones you need to try. If you want more food to pair with your cup of coffee, you can experiment with other foods that you think will go well with your brew.

And if you found a great coffee pairing that is not mentioned in this blog, feel free to share it with us by commenting below!