Chemex vs V60: Which Pour-Over Coffee Is Right For You?

chemex vs v60
Chemex vs V60? The Battle Of Pour-Over Brewers

Pour-over is one of the best ways to brew coffee. It is a simple process, yet it provides coffee that can accentuate delicate flavours compared to other brewing options.

I have tried various tools for pour-over coffee. But what intrigues me the most are the Chemex and Hario V60.

As a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, I tried using both pour-over coffee brewers. If you are curious about which is better between the Chemex vs V60, I will walk you through the comparison between these two.

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The Chemex

chemex vs v60
Comparing the Chemex vs V60, the Chemex has a more aesthetic look due to its wooden neck and string.

Comparing the Chemex vs V60, the Chemex has a more aesthetic look due to its wooden neck and string.

The Chemex is one of the most iconic coffee brewers in the coffee industry. This glass pour-over brewer consists of a glass body and a wooden collar with a leather string attached.

The glass body of the Chemex looks like an hourglass. There is also a version that does not have a wooden collar and is instead made out of glass alone.

Many coffee enthusiasts like the full glass version of the Chemex as it looks clean. It is also easier to wash in the dishwasher.

The Hario V60

chemex vs v60
The Hario V60 has ridges in its inner walls, which serves as a way for the brewed coffee to pass through.

The Hario V60 has ridges in its inner walls, which serve as a way for the brewed coffee to pass through.

This pour-over coffee brewer is another star in the coffee world.

Similar to Chemex, it has a V-shaped body. The only difference is that the Hario V60 does not have a bottom container that the coffee drips into.

You can put the V60 on top of your coffee mug, or you can purchase the Hario V60 server. The V60 server is perfect if you need coffee for more than one person.

Comparing the Chemex vs V60 in terms of design, the Chemex has a cleaner look. Meanwhile, the V60 has ridges around it, where the water passes through.

Chemex Vs V60: How Do They Differ?

chemex vs v60
What’s the difference in Chemex vs V60?

What’s the difference between Chemex vs V60?

Nothing can ever beat the convenience of pour-over coffee. It is my life-saver whenever I wake up and I feel lazy to prepare a cup.

If you also want to brew your coffee using the pour-over method, I would suggest the Chemex and Hario V60. Both brewers look simple and easy to use.

But if you can only get one brewer, here is a detailed comparison of the Chemex vs V60:

1. Funnel Design

As mentioned, the Hario V60 has grooves inside the cone, while the Chemex has a smooth surface. The grooves on the V60 separates the coffee filter from its walls.

This separation makes it easier for the brewed coffee to pass through and flow down the bottom-funnel easily.

On the other hand, the Chemex does not have a route for brewed coffee. Instead, the liquid flows down on the slim space between the funnel and the filter.

The lack of space makes it hard for the coffee to flow. As a result, the pour-over process takes longer than when you use the V60.

2. Grind Size

chemex vs v60
The Chemex uses coarsely ground coffee, making it more forgiving when it comes to brewing techniques.

When comparing the Chemex vs V60, one major difference that you will find is the coffee beans’ grind size.

If you want to use the Chemex, you will need medium-coarse grind coffee. You can also use coffee grounds that are a bit finer or coarser.

Your coffee’s grind size matters more if you want to opt for the V60. Using finely ground coffee will result in a strong brew, while a coarse grind makes weaker coffee.

3. Size

The Chemex has a variety of size that allows you to make three to 13 cups of coffee, depending on your size choice.

If you only need coffee for yourself, you can either choose a small Chemex or get the V60. The latter is only capable of making two cups of coffee in one brewing.

4. Filters Used

Both coffee tools use paper filters.

But comparing the Chemex vs V60, the Chemex uses thicker filters. As a result, the pour-over coffee made using the Chemex is smoother as the thick filter does not let any coffee grounds pass.

However, that does not mean that the coffee made using the V60 is not clear. Also, V60 filters are usually easier to find.

5. Ease Of Use

If you are up for convenience, you are probably asking which is easier to use in the Chemex vs V60. Good news! These two pour-over coffee brewers have the same difficulty level in terms of usage.

For beginner coffee brewers, I would suggest that you buy the Chemex since it is more forgiving on the coffee grounds’ size. It also allows fewer coffee grounds from passing through the filter when you pour water too hard.

But it is worth noting that the Hario V60 is not complicated to use at all. You just have to get used to the speed of water pouring to get the best extraction.

If you pour water too fast on the V60, it will go straight through the paper filter. The result will be bland coffee that you will not enjoy.

Which Is Better Between Chemex And V60?

After comparing the Chemex vs V60, I found out that both of them create excellent-tasting coffee. Both are also simple to use and will require the use of paper filters.

That said, the choice of which is better will depend on your taste and preference.

I recommend the Chemex for people who need to make multiple cups of coffee in one brewing. It is also ideal for those who want their coffee bright and clear of any coffee grounds.

On the other hand, the Hario V60 is perfect for coffee enthusiasts who only need to brew a single serving of coffee at once. There is also a non-ceramic version for those who want to bring their pour-over coffee brewer when they travel.

The V60 is also ideal if you want your coffee either mild or strong.

The Hario V60 has a stainless steel variation, making it more durable than the Chemex.

chemex vs v60
The Hario V60 has a stainless steel variation, making it more durable than the Chemex.

Taking A Look At Durability

I would go for the Hario V60 when it comes to durability. This coffee brewer has ceramic and plastic variations, and the plastic design seems like it would not break easily.

The Chemex is extremely durable too. Just be careful not to drop it. I had both coffee brewers for about a year now and they still look just like how I first had them.

But the string and wooden collar of the Chemex has worn out a little from getting exposed to water when I’m washing it. If you want to get a Chemex that does not show any signs of wear after years of use, you can opt for the full-glass variation.

Alternatives For The Chemex And Hario V60

After comparing the Chemex vs V60, you may be wondering if you have other options that you can look at.

These two pour-over coffee brewers are the epitome of a stylish coffee tool. They are also the best working ones.

But if you are looking for other coffee brewers, I have compiled the ones that work similarly to the Chemex and V60.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter – Chemex Alternative

chemex vs v60

If you are looking for a pour-over brewer that does not need any paper filter, the Bodum coffee maker is an excellent choice.

This coffee brewer has a bottom container and a wide neck where the filter sits. It even comes with a reusable filter, so you don’t have to constantly buy paper filters.

You can also use reusable filters and the resulting brew will taste very similar to the coffee made using the Chemex.

All you need to do is to pop some coffee grinds in the filter, pour hot water slowly, and you will have delicious coffee. It also comes in different sizes, so you will get the one that suits your needs best.

Kalita Wave Ceramic Flat Bottom Coffee Brewer – Hario V60 Alternative

chemex vs v60

The Wave got its name due to the special shape of its filter. The filter shelters the brew bed from the brewer’s sides, which creates a consistent brewing temperature and evenly extracted brew.

If the Chemex vs V60 has the same level of usage difficulty, the Wave is popular for being beginner-friendly. It has three small holes at the bottom, making it more forgiving in terms of your brewing technique.

There are two versions for this brewer — a ceramic and stainless steel variation.

Pouring Things Up

When talking about the Chemex vs V60, there is no denying that both pour-over coffee brewers offer the same level of excellence. Both are easy to use and can provide good coffee.

However, there are also some differences between the two coffee makers.

For instance, the Chemex has an option that allows you to make 13 cups of coffee. On the other hand, the Hario V60 can only make two delicious cups of coffee in one brewing.

The Chemex is also more forgiving about the brewing method than the V60.

If you want your coffee to be clear and free of coffee grounds, then Chemex is for you. It uses a thick paper filter, preventing coffee grounds from passing through.

But if you want to brew coffee in different strengths, the Hario V60 will give you just that. It makes strong to mild coffee depending on the grind size of your coffee beans.