Can You Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker? Actually, You Can!

I have high chocolate cravings on some days when I crave the sweetness and richness of hot chocolate. On such days, I get a piece of chocolate, mix it with milk, and heat it up in a microwave to melt.

The problem is that I find this method messy as I tend to spill my concoction on the kitchen counter.

I also tried heating my milk and chocolate mixture on the stove, but that is a little too basic for my liking.

Then I thought, “can you make hot chocolate in a coffee maker?”

How Can You Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker?

hot chocolate
You can make hot chocolate in almost every type of coffee maker.

A coffee maker is a must-have for every kitchen due to its versatility. You can use it to make a simple cup of coffee, a fancy latte, or any coffee-based drink that you can think of.

And while it sounds odd, making hot chocolate using a coffee maker is entirely possible. In fact, you can use pretty much all types of coffee makers to make this drink.

Making Hot Chocolate In A Traditional Coffee Maker

There are four things that you need to make hot chocolate in a coffee maker:

  • coffee maker
  • your favorite mug
  • water
  • hot chocolate powder

Step 1: Put water in your coffee maker

Fill your coffee maker with the same amount of water you usually use to make coffee.

Step 2: Add the cocoa powder and extra flavouring

Pour your chocolate powder into the coffee carafe. The amount of chocolate powder that you will use depends on how much water you have added to the coffee maker reservoir.

You can also use chocolate syrup if that is what you prefer. Then, add sugar, depending on how sweet you want your hot chocolate to be.

I like my hot chocolate fancy, so I add a dash of cinnamon and a teaspoon of vanilla extract into the coffee carafe.

chocolate and cinnamon

Step 3: Let the coffee maker do its magic.

Once you have added your chocolate and additional ingredients to the carafe, all you need to do is turn on the coffee maker.

Let the water boil and pour into your flavour mixture. After your coffee maker turns off, give your mixture a mix to ensure that everything is dissolved.

Step 4: Pour in a cup and enjoy

Pour your hot chocolate into your favourite mug and have a little sip to see if the taste is balanced. You can always add sugar and vanilla if you want to adjust the sweetness of your drink.

Now that you have your hot chocolate, top it off with marshmallows and enjoy!

Can You Use A Bean-To-Cup Coffee Maker To Make Hot Chocolate?

hot chocolate
A bean-to-cup coffee maker can give you rich and creamy hot chocolate.

When I said that you can make hot chocolate in a coffee maker, I meant both conventional and modern coffee makers.

So, if you have a modern coffee maker, such as a bean-to-cup coffee maker, you can still enjoy some delicious hot chocolate. In fact, using this type of coffee maker can give you creamy and smooth hot chocolate.

This method is also ideal for making hot chocolate in a coffee maker with milk.

  1. Boil a cup of milk in your coffee maker’s milk frother. Once the milk starts steaming, add your chocolate powder and stir to dissolve.
  2. Add some hot water to dilute the mixture.
  3. Mix in your extra flavours, such as vanilla or nutmeg. Now, all that’s left to do is to enjoy your hot chocolate with some snacks!

If you are lactose-intolerant or are simply staying away from dairy products, you can use water instead of milk. Take some hot water from the coffee maker’s water spout and add your chocolate powder.

Can You Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker? FAQs

hot chocolate
Hot chocolate, a caffeinated drink, will be creamier if you add milk to it.

Can you put milk in a coffee maker when making hot chocolate?

Putting milk into your coffee maker’s water reservoir or carafe is not ideal. The reason is that milk can cause bacteria development and ultimately destroy your coffee machine.

Instead of putting the milk into the coffee carafe, it is better to boil milk in a saucepan and add it to your coffee after brewing.

Is there caffeine in hot chocolate?

A packet of standard chocolate powder contains 5mg of caffeine. In fact, any drink that contains chocolate has caffeine in it.

If your chocolate powder is dark chocolate flavour, then it contains more caffeine than the standard cocoa powder. However, the exact caffeine content of chocolate powder depends on how the manufacturer processes it.

What kind of milk do you use for making hot chocolate in a coffee maker?

Whole milk is the best choice for making hot chocolate in a coffee maker. It makes your drink smooth and creamy, with a hint of sweetness.

You can also use low-fat and non-fat milk if that’s what you prefer.

If you want your hot chocolate thick and rich, you can use a 3/4 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of cream.

Brewing Things Up

hot chocolate

Can you make hot chocolate in a coffee maker? Absolutely! In fact, using a coffee maker is one of the easiest ways to prepare hot chocolate.

If you have a traditional coffee maker, all you need to do is fill its reservoir with water and add the chocolate into the coffee carafe. You can also add sugar, vanilla extract, and a dash of cinnamon for a better flavour.

You can also use your bean-to-cup coffee machine to make hot chocolate. You just need to boil milk using the machine’s milk frother and add your chocolate powder and sugar to it.

Hot chocolate brings comfort in every sip, especially when the weather is cold. Fortunately, you can make tasty hot chocolate in a coffee maker and save yourself from the mess of heating your chocolate on a stove or in a microwave.