Best Latte Flavors Combinations: 18 Unique Ideas

The ultimate go-to drink for any coffee lover is a latte. It’s creamy with the right amount of coffee and it’s just a nice change of pace every so often to sit down with a gentler coffee beverage and enjoy it.

Lattes are extremely versatile and perfect for hot gloomy weather and an iced latte is perfect for a hot summer day. You can also mix a variety of ingredients if you’re in the mood for a festive pick-me-up.

One of the most popular coffee blends are often done with lattes. Its rich, creamy flavour harmonizes perfectly with the bitterness of coffee and the perfect latte art game can make it an addicting beverage!

What’s great about a cup of latte is that you can replace the milk with milk substitutes like horchata and coconut milk. You can even add other ingredients to make the best latte flavor combinations and variations.

best latte flavors combinations

What’s In A Latte?

Before we discuss the best latte flavor combinations, let us first deconstruct a regular cup of latte. This way, it will be easier to find out what flavours will combine best with this coffee beverage.

Deconstructing A Cup Of Latte

A latte is a coffee-based beverage that uses espresso shots for its base. Steamed milk is added to the espresso to create a creamy and smooth drink with the delicate bitterness of the espresso.

A typical latte has an espresso to steamed milk ratio of 1:2. After combining the espresso and milk, you want to add a layer of milk foam on top for an added creaminess and texture.

You can enjoy your latte hot or add ice to it if you want an energizing drink on a hot day.

Moreover, this coffee beverage has been one of the most popular morning drinks since the 17th century.

But now that coffee is becoming more and more versatile; there are many best latte flavourful combinations that you can enjoy.

18 Best Unique Latte Flavors Combinations That Are Worth Trying

1. Dirty Chai Latte

dirty chai latte

Dirty chai combines one shot of espresso and masala chai — a milky spiced tea from India. The espresso shot gives the drink a jolt of caffeine, making it a great beverage if you want to stay awake for longer or just want something to boost your energy.

Combining espresso, masala chai, milk, and your sweetener of choice makes one of the best latte flavor combinations. Even better, you can enjoy it hot or cold, so it is perfect for any weather.

2. Salted Caramel Latte

salted caramel latte

Nothing beats salted caramel when it comes to the perfect kick of sweetness and saltiness. Now imagine this flavour combined with your coffee.

Salted caramel latte adds a savoury balance to your rich and creamy coffee, so you can enjoy the sweetness of the caramel up to the last sip.

All you need to do is make your latte using two shots of espresso, add milk to it, and drizzle the amount of salted caramel that you desire. You can also top it off with fluffy whipped cream for an added texture.

3. Toffee Nut Latte

toffee nut latte

If you have ever tried a toffee nut latte from Starbucks, you know why it’s worth recreating at home! It has a sweet, buttery flavour with a hint of nuttiness.

If you are a fan of sweet but not overpowering drinks, the toffee nut latte is one of the best latte flavour combinations.

The toffee nut latte consists of espresso and toffee nut syrup, so it is simple to make and does not require too many ingredients. This drink is light and sweet, so it is a great beverage to kickstart your morning.

4. Winter Spice Latte

winter spice latte

The winter spice latte combines all the tastes of winter in a single soothing cup. It has a rich and strong shot of espresso, orange and winter spices, and steamed milk.

This beverage is often served warm, so you’ll have something to comfort you in cold weather.

If you want to create the winter spice latte at home, you can easily make the spice syrup from scratch! You will only need a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a tablespoon of ground nutmeg and cloves.

Combine the spices, boil it with a quart of water, and let it sit in the fridge overnight. This syrup will make one of the best latte flavours combinations.

5. Banana Caramel Latte

banana caramel latte

Who doesn’t like bananas? It has a sweet, fruity, and lightly acidic taste that balances perfectly with the sweetness of caramel.

Thankfully, you can now purchase a banana syrup and mix it with your coffee to make a great glass of banana caramel latte. The combination of espresso, milk, banana syrup, and caramel makes a flavorful beverage you can never get enough of.

6. Horchata Latte

horchata latte

Horchata is a Mexican drink made out of rice and cinnamon sticks. To make the horchata, you need to soak the rice and cinnamon sticks in water overnight, blend, and add sugar and vanilla to taste.

Horchata latte is easy to make, yet it gives off a refreshing and energising flavour. You just need to pull a shot of espresso and add the horchata instead of the regular milk you use for your coffee.

Despite the simplicity of this beverage, the ingredients result in a creamy and rich drink that is perfect when added with ice.

7. Almond Milk Latte

almond milk latte

Unsweetened almond milk already tastes good on its own. But when you add espresso and sweetener to it, it becomes one of the best latte flavors combinations that you can try.

This beverage is perfect for people who are cutting calories as almond milk is dairy-free. You can also choose your sweetener, so you can ensure that this drink is perfect for those hot summery afternoons!

8. Peanut Butter And Honey Latte

peanut butter and honey latte

Latte is a versatile drink, so you’ll never run out of flavors to try. If you are a fan of nutty and slightly salty flavors, try adding peanut butter to your latte.

This combination will make a creamy, nutty, and lightly savoury beverage that you will surely love. Instead of using sugar as a sweetener, try adding honey to your drink to make your latte taste even bolder.

On a side note, honey has a strong and bold taste, so make sure not to add too much as it can ruin the taste of your latte. But with the perfect ratio of peanut butter and honey, you can make one of the best latte flavour combinations.

9. Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate Latte

toasted marshmallow and chocolate latte

This latte is very similar to s’mores minus the graham cracker. You just need to combine chocolate syrup, melt some toasted marshmallows and add them to your regular latte to recreate the taste of s’mores.

You can also add whipped cream and chocolate chips on top to make your drink more appetizing.

This drink has a pleasant sweetness from the toasted marshmallow and chocolate syrup, which harmonizes with the strength and bitterness of the espresso.

10. Tiramisu Latte

tiramisu latte

Tiramisu is a perfect pair for a cup of coffee. But what if you add the tiramisu to your coffee to make it a cup of tiramisu latte?

Coffee enthusiasts who like their latte sweet will surely love the tiramisu latte. This drink’s first sip is a pure sugar rush with a bit of bitterness from the espresso.

Once your tastebuds get used to the taste of this drink, you will then notice the creamy flavour coming from the mascarpone. Tiramisu latte is the next best thing besides tiramisu cake, so you can enjoy it as one of your guilty pleasures!

11. Ube Latte

ube latte
Ube is a popular and tasty delicacy in the Philippines. It’s used in many Filipino desserts, so it comes as no surprise if you can add it to your latte.

Ube or purple yam has a mellow nutty flavour with a touch of vanilla. Some also describe it as something similar to white chocolate and pistachio.

This flavour blends perfectly with coffee, making a creamy and delightful beverage.

For a creamier taste, you can either use sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, or any milk substitute.

12. Snickerdoodle Latte

snickerdoodle latte

Snickerdoodle latte is a warm and soothing drink. It combines espresso, brown sugar, cinnamon dolce syrup, white mocha sauce, and steamed milk, making a delicious little treat.

If you are looking for a treat to warm you up while you tuck in your favorite warm jacket, the snickerdoodle latte is a must-try!

13. White Chocolate Raspberry Latte

white chocolate raspberry latte

White chocolate and berries undeniably go well together. For this reason, you can expect a perfect concoction when you mix latte with white chocolate and raspberry syrup.

The flavour combination makes a creamy, sweet, and slightly sour drink that you can enjoy hot or over ice. While lattes are always sweet and creamy, the slightly sour taste of the raspberry syrup takes this drink to an entirely new level.

Needless to say, the white chocolate raspberry latte is among the best latte flavors combination that you can try!

14. Chestnut Praline Latte

chestnut praline latte

One sip of the chestnut praline latte, and it will transport you to a bed of fallen autumn leaves! It has a smooth, sweet, and nutty flavor which is a great for days when you want to walk down the road among tree-lined roads!

This beverage consists of espresso, praline crumble, steamed milk, and caramelized chestnut flavour. You can also add whipped cream on top to make a warm holiday season in a mug.

You will also taste hints of toffee, ginger, cinnamon, and clove in this beverage, thus making one of the best latte flavor combinations.

15. Caramel Brulee Latte

caramel brulee latte

Caramel and a strong cup of coffee make a great snack pairing. So, there is no doubt that adding caramel to your latte will create a heavenly beverage.

But if a regular cup of caramel latte bores you, try upgrading it into a caramel brulee latte. This latte flavor has a sweet and smoky taste that pairs perfectly with the bitterness of espresso and the creaminess of the milk.

Caramel brulee has a darker flavour, making your latte bolder than the regular caramel latte. It tastes more bold but does not have any hint of bitterness, so it adds complexity to the drink.

16. Sugar Cookie Latte

sugar cookie latte

The sugar cookie latte comprises blonde espresso, almond milk, sugar cookie syrup, and sprinkles for garnish. You can also add whipped cream if you enjoy your latte this way.

It makes a fantastic coffee drink as the flavours combine in a balanced way. On the first sip, you will taste a vanilla flavour with hints of roasty and buttery flavours coming from the cookie syrup.

You may think this latte is too sweet, but it only offers the right amount of sweetness. The sugar cookie syrup introduces a buttery flavour to the latte, so it is not overwhelmingly sweet at all.

17. Dulce De Leche Latte

dulce de leche latte

Dulce de leche, which translates to candy made of milk, is a sweet and creamy sauce made by slowly cooking sweetened condensed milk for hours until it turns golden brown. The slow cooking process gives the condensed milk a rich caramel flavor that matches perfectly with a strong shot of espresso.

Adding dulce de leche to your latte makes it creamier with notes of mellow toffee or butternut-like flavour, which results in one of the best latte flavour combinations. You can enjoy it hot or cold, so it is a perfect drink at any time of the day.

18. Iced Vanilla Rosemary Latte

iced vanilla rosemary latte

You may be thinking about how rosemary will blend with the taste of vanilla and espresso shot. But surprisingly, this herb makes one of the best latte flavors combinations.

This unique beverage is a combination of vanilla and rosemary-infused simple syrup and your regular latte. While the preparation may be simple, the aroma from the vanilla and rosemary brings the best out of your espresso.

In addition, infusing your coffee with fresh rosemary makes it a healthy beverage.

Final Thoughts

By now, you are probably sipping the best latte flavors combinations from this article. So, tell us which one you liked the most?

If you have a go-to latte flavour, feel free to share it with us by dropping the recipe in the comment box so we can try it too!