9 Best Coffee For Aeropress: Tastiest & Best Brews!

How do you energize your morning? Are you a breakfast person or more of a coffee drinker?

I am a combination of both. I like sipping my coffee while pairing it with my good old omelette and toast.

But sometimes, I get tired of my regular coffee and I do not have time to make a latte, cappuccino, and other complex coffee flavours.

Fortunately, I found a less fussy way of brewing my morning coffee — Aeropress. With this handy coffee machine, I can simply pour and push to make a cup of flavourful coffee.

If you want to try this coffee machine, too, let me recommend some of the best coffee for Aeropress.

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best coffee for aeropress
Here are the best coffees for aeropress machines

The Best Coffee For Aeropress

1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Whole Beans

Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Provides value for money
– Stumptown Coffee is an environmentally friendly brand
– Has a sweet flavour
– Versatile
– Features a consistent flavour
– Not the most complex coffee beans that you can try

If you are looking for the best coffee for Aeropress, you should never look past the Stumptown Coffee Roasters Whole Beans.

Stumptown takes time and care in picking and roasting its coffee beans, making sure that it can produce high-quality coffee that is perfect for Aeropress.

These coffee beans taste exceptional, so this product provides value for your money. Its flavours make a great Aeropress coffee with very little fuss.

The Stumptown coffee beans also have a sweet taste that resembles chocolates. So, if you have a sweet tooth, this coffee is ideal for you.

2. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast

image 4
Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Features a mild and creamy taste
– Suitable for Aeropress and espresso
– Infused with brown sugar and hazelnut flavours
– Made out of premium Arabica beans
– The coffee beans may come with tiny rocks in the package.

You can never go wrong with Aeropress and medium roast coffee. That said, make sure to try the Lavazza Super Crema Whole Coffee Beans.

This coffee has the flavours of hazelnut and brown sugar, making your brew sweet, a bit bitter, and nutty. It also has notes that resemble almonds and honey, which makes the coffee creamy and smooth.

But if you are into strong coffee, you may find the Lavazza Super Crema a little too mild for you. Regardless, it is still the best coffee for Aeropress.

Moreover, the blend of Lavazza Super Crema’s taste and aroma makes a full-bodied brew.

3. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickanson’s Blend Decaf Dark Roast Coffee

image 5
Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Budget-friendly
– Consists of high-quality coffee beans
– Can be enjoyed at any time of the day
– Offers a rich and flavourful taste
– May have a laxative effect

The best coffee for Aeropress should consist of premium quality coffee beans. This is what Peet’s offers with its dark roast coffee.

Peet’s Dark Roast Coffee has a rich and complex taste, which makes it ideal for espresso and Aeropress. It is also decaffeinated, allowing you to enjoy it even at night.

Despite being decaffeinated, coffee enthusiasts will find the flavour profile of this coffee bright. And although some may say that it tastes average, I can attest that this coffee has an above-average quality and flavour.

The smooth and balanced dark roast provides layers of flavours, which makes this coffee highly interesting in every sip.

4. Royal Kona 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Estate Medium Roast, Whole Bean

image 21
Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Features a bright acidic taste for a clean finish
– The beans underwent a sun-roasting process to get the best flavours out
– Has a smooth and robust flavour
– Has a bitter aftertaste

I like medium roast coffee beans as they contain less acidity. But I still want my coffee to have a clean finish and bright flavour.

These two characteristics are what makeup Royal Kona 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee. In terms of the flavour and aroma, I would say that this is one of the best coffee for Aeropress.

Along with the bright acidity are bright and fresh notes, which make your brew refreshing despite using medium roast coffee beans.

Even better, the coffee beans used for this blend use coffee beans from Hawaii. These Kona coffee beans came from the centre of the coffee growing region of the said place, so every brew will be no less than satisfying.

Additionally, these Kona coffee beans are the most flavourful of all Kona coffee. For this reason, the Royal Kona 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee is one of the best coffee for Aeropress.

5. Volcanica Coffee Guatemala Antigua Reserve

image 6
Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Has a fantastic roast
– Perfect for Aeropress and cold brew
– A perfect example of what Guatemalan coffee should taste like
– The beans are a bit inconsistent

This Guatemalan coffee is extremely popular and there is a good reason why. Volcanica’s Guatemala Antigua is the prime example of what Guatemalan coffee should taste like.

It has a slight spice contrasted by chocolate notes and bright acidity, making it the best coffee for Aeropress.

The Volcanica Antigua is also a versatile coffee. You can use it for Aeropress, but it is also ideal for cold brew, where its acidity truly shines. It also consists of Arabica varietals — Caturra, Catuai, and Bourbon.

This coffee is also smooth and delicious, so it works great as a morning brew.

6. Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee Dark Roast

image 7
Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Has a smooth dark roast
– Organic
– Contains a high amount of caffeine
– Available as whole beans, ground, and K-cup
– Great value for money
– Only comes in dark roast level
– The beans are oily
– A bit on the pricey side

If you need to go on an all-nighter or you simply lack energy when you wake up in the morning, the Death Wish Coffee Beans are a perfect choice for you. This coffee contains 59 ml of caffeine for every ounce of brewed coffee.

However, it is important to limit your coffee intake if you want to try Death Wish Coffee. The reason is that the Food and Drug Administration suggests that you can only take 400 ml of caffeine every day.

This coffee features a high amount of caffeine due to the combination of Arabica and Robusta beans. This blend results in a smooth flavour that makes the Death Wish Coffee the best coffee for Aeropress.

Another impressive thing about this coffee is it is not bitter at all, despite having Robusta beans. It goes well with cream, milk, and sweetener, so it is ideal as a morning brew.

7. San Francisco Bay Coffee French Roast Whole Bean

image 19
Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Features a balanced flavour profile
– Has bold, full-bodied, and smokey finish
– Exceptionally roasted
– Some coffee drinkers may find this coffee’s flavour a bit too bitter

This product is a combination of Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America.

This coffee bean combination is roasted until it reaches a dark roast level, resulting in a balanced flavour that is perfect for every coffee enthusiast.

In terms of the taste, San Francisco Bay Coffee’s French Roast Whole Bean blend boats a smooth and fine taste in every sip.

What’s great is that it has dark and smoky notes with a pleasant aroma. Needless to say, this is one of the best coffee for Aeropress.

The beans used for this coffee blend are also grown in high altitudes, so they have a bright and flavourful taste.

8. Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Whole Bean French Coffee

image 20
Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Organic
– Medium roast but not bitter
– Boats sweet, smooth, black, and shiny finish
– Has a nutty, chocolatey taste paired with soft orange acidity
– The coffee beans may come stale

One of the best coffee for Aeropress is medium roast coffee. This is what the Cameron’s Coffee offers with its French Roast Whole Coffee Beans.

Brewing this coffee in an Aeropress allows its acidity to shine, resulting in a flavour profile that feels clean on the palate. This particular brewing process also highlights the sweetness of this coffee.

This coffee from Sumatra, South, and Central America also has a well-balanced taste, so the acidity and sweetness go well together. It is the best cup of coffee that is ideal for coffee enthusiasts and beginner drinkers alike.

The Guadalupe Coffee also has rich flavours with dazzling acidity and a smooth aftertaste.

9. Copper Moon Sumatra Blend, Dark Roast Coffee

image 22
Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Has a light and sweet flavour
– Great value for money
– Features a bold blend of beans that came from Indonesia
– Can be too bold for some people

The coffee beans used for making this product came from Indonesia. This coffee has a bold blend and are darkly roasted, making it perfect for lazy mornings.

This coffee makes the best coffee for Aeropress due to its smooth body and pleasant flavour profile. It tastes like citrus, smooth, and smoky character.

With the flavour combination, this Sumatran blend coffee is something your tastebuds will constantly ask for.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to make coffee, but the fastest one is by using an Aeropress. This tool and the best coffee for Aeropress result in a delicious cup of coffee, which is perfect at any time of the day.

If you are not sure which coffee you want to try for your Aeropress, I suggest you begin with the Volcanica Coffee Guatemala Guatemala Antigua Reserve. And feel free to leave a comment once you tried any of the coffee beans above for your Aeropress!

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