The Best Coffee Beans For Pour Over: Complete Experience & Guide

Pour-over is the most time-consuming and hands-on way of brewing coffee. You need to grind the right amount of beans, measure the hot water you need, and slowly pour it on the coffee grounds over a filter.

While preparing coffee the pour-over way can be time-consuming, it brings out the complex and natural flavours of your coffee grounds.

But you can only get the best out of your pour-over coffee if you have the right coffee beans. For this reason, we have identified the best coffee beans for pour over and listed them down in this post.

I have included some of my favourite coffee beans so I can attest that they can make the best brew.

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best coffee beans for pour over
Here are the best coffee beans for pour over

Top 10 Best Coffee Beans For Pour Over

1. Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee Beans

best coffee beans for pour over
– Has a great aroma and taste
– Low in acid
– Organic and shade-grown
– Myotoxin-free
– A little expensive

The Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee Beans is a gourmet coffee that features a clean and complex blend, making it perfect for pour-over coffee. The beans have a slightly bitter taste paired with fruity notes.

While medium roast beans tend to be a little oily, using them for pour-over coffee will filter all the essential oils from the brew. This way, you will be able to enjoy your java clean and clear.

That said, this coffee product is one of the best coffee beans for pour over.

2. Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

coffee beans
– Has a balanced texture and flavour
– Features complex dark chocolate and fruity notes
– Consistent roasting that ensures the beans’ freshness
– Composed of fresh and organic wild coffee beans
– Tastes a little smoky

The best coffee beans for pour over should have an excellent balance of taste and texture and this is what the Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans are made of.

This coffee bean pack offers just the right amount of acidity, a great mouthfeel, and a refreshing aftertaste. It also has the right level of medium roast for pour-over coffee.

Another thing that I like about this coffee is that it consists of organic wild coffee beans. For this reason, it boasts dark chocolate, lavender, and strawberry notes.

This coffee also has fruity and floral notes, making it very refreshing.

3. The Mentalist Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

coffee beans
– Offers perfect balance of fruity, caramel, and cocoa notes
– Made of high-quality beans
– Offers the perfect amount of caffeine
– Can be too strong for some people

If you are a fan of strong caffeine, The Mentalist Medium Roast Whole Beans is the right choice.

These coffee beans feature a distinct note of plum, cinnamon, orange, caramel, and chocolate notes, making them one of the best coffee beans for pour over.

The manufacturer made sure that the beans were expertly hand-picked, allowing them to provide consumers with the highest possible quality on a product.

Using these coffee beans for pour-over coffee will provide you with a clean and fantastic tasting brew.

4. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

coffee beans
– Does not have any bitter aftertaste
-Tastes great
– Low in acid so it is perfect for people with stomach issues
– A little expensive

Another great way to make pour-over coffee is the Lavazza Super Crema Espresso. This product came from one of the most popular coffee brands on the market, so you can ensure that it is high-quality.

These coffee beans combine 60 percent Arabica and 40 percent Robusta beans, giving you the best blend of bitterness and fruity notes. But despite the bitterness that the Robusta beans have, these coffee beans do not have any unpleasant aftertaste.

Moreover, the manufacturer sourced the beans from Columbia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Then, the beans are roasted and blended in Italy.

But what really makes the Lavazza Super Cream Coffee Beans one of the best coffee beans for pour over is that it is friendly on the stomach. The reason is that it has a low level of acidity, preventing it from churning your stomach acid no matter how much coffee you drink.

5. Dallmayr Coffee Grnd Prodomo

coffee beans
– Has a less amount of acidity than other coffee beans
– Made of 100 percent Arabica beans
– Medium roast so you will get the full coffee flavour
– Quite expensive

Grnd Prodomo is a great way to kickstart your morning. The selection and roasting process of the beans eliminated their bitter aftertaste and reduced their acidity, making the beans easy on the stomach.

These coffee beans also have the right amount of caffeine to give you the extra boost and energy that you need. The medium roasted 100 percent Arabica beans pack full flavour, which you can get after grinding and soaking them with hot water.

Your brew will also not have too much coffee oils as the filter paper will absorb it during the pour-over process.

But if you are on a budget, this coffee may not be the best choice for you as it is relatively expensive. Still, it is one of the best coffee beans for pour over.

6. Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood Whole Beans Coffee

coffee beans
– Boasts a strong flavour and rich aroma
– Vacuum sealed so it retains freshness
– Not consistent

The Douwe Egberts is one of the ideal brands when it comes to brewing pour-over coffee. The manufacturer was able to accentuate the beans’ flavour by processing them until they are medium roasted.

What makes this product the best coffee beans for pour over is its vacuum-sealed packaging. The vacuum sealing process ensures no air will touch the beans, keeping them fresh from shelf to cup.

These coffee beans are also carefully selected from the Netherlands, so you can ease yourself by knowing that you are getting the best.

7. Verena Street Whole Bean Coffee

coffee beans
– The coffee beans came from small coffee farmers
– Has a complex and rich roast character
– Composed of 100 percent Arabica beans
– Dark roast
– Too strong for some coffee drinkers

I do not want to oversell this coffee, but this is one of the best coffee beans for pour over that I have ever tried. It boasts a unique flavour profile, so I personally do not get tired of it.

The Verena Street Whole Coffee Beans have a bright and delicate taste. It also has a delightful body, making each brew taste fantastic.

Moreover, the bold dark roast of the beans does not have any smoky or burnt bitterness, so it will never spoil your coffee experience. The beans are 100 percent Arabica beans, so they have a fantastic taste and fantastic aroma.

8. Don Pablo Signature Blend Gourmet Coffee

coffee beans
– Made if 100 percent Arabica beans
– The manufacturer is committed to a greener coffee footprint
– Has a winey flavour notes
– The aftertaste is rather ordinary

Don Francisco’s coffee is among the best coffee beans for pour over in terms of flavour, quality, and aroma. These medium roast coffee beans consist of nothing but the finest Colombian beans, so you can ensure that they offer greater taste and quality.

The manufacturer stored the coffee beans in a nitrogen-flushed bag with a one-way valve. This packaging maintains the freshness of the beans, allowing you to enjoy bold, rich, and smooth-tasting coffee.

Don Francisco’s coffee has been in the coffee industry since 1870, so it has generations of expertise. For this reason, it knows how to roast the beans to perfection.

9. Koffee Kult Limited: Kenya

coffee beans
– Features fruity notes
– Medium body and acidity
– Made of 100 percent Arabica beans
– Can be too bold for some coffee drinkers

This product is perfect for fans of dark and bitter coffee. The Koffee Kult features medium-bodied flavours with a bright aroma and just enough acidity.

But what really makes these coffee beans special is their unique smoothness. It also leaves a delicate aftertaste in your mouth, making it one of the best coffee beans for pour over.

The manufacturer roasted the Ethiopian coffee beans in small batches, which ensures an optimal level of freshness and taste.

10. Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Whole Bean

coffee beans
– Made of organic beans
– Has fruity notes
– Gluten-free
– Not as strong as the other coffee beans

If you have a gluten allergy, this product from Cameron is the best choice for you. Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Whole Beans consist of 100 percent special grade Arabica beans, making it an absolute delight for the coffee lovers out there.

These coffee beans are rich and flavourful, making them a good source of energy whenever you feel sleepy. All the beans used for this coffee pack are organic and farmed using natural fertilization.

Roasted in small batches, Cameron’s Organic Roasted Whole Beans have bright notes, so you will enjoy every sip. If you want the best coffee beans for pour over, you indeed have to taste this coffee from Cameron’s.

Tips For Pour-Over Brewing Your Coffee

coffee beans

Almost every coffee drinker knows how to make pour-over coffee. While this brewing method is relatively easy to do, there are tips and tricks that will make your brew better.

1. Use the right size of pour-over cone

Pour-over cones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Using one that is too big for the amount of coffee you will use may create an off-bed depth during the brewing process.

The off-bed depth will result in muddled flavour and over-extraction, which prevents you from enjoying your cup of coffee.

2. Remember the 16:1 ratio

According to Matt Scottoline of the ReAnimator Coffee in Philadelphia, their general coffee to water ratio is 22 grams of coffee to 370 grams of water.

3. Bloom your coffee grounds

Blooming your coffee grounds will result in even saturation. This way, your resulting brew will have a balance of flavours, such as sweetness, bitterness, and other flavour notes.

4. Do not put your coffee grounds on the side of the filter

Even extraction of the coffee flavours is important if you want to create delicious coffee. If your coffee beans are on the side of the filter, the beans will not saturate evenly.

As a result, you will end up with a stale or weak-tasting coffee.

5. Remember that grind size is important

The most important thing when brewing coffee, apart from using the best coffee beans for pour over, is the grind size. The right grind size will control the water distribution and flow rate.

That said, the grind size of your coffee should be medium-fine. However, it is essential to note that this grind size will vary from one coffee to another.

Grinding the coffee beans should also be the last step when

6. Learn to adjust the grind size based on the brew time

You also need to adjust the grind size of your coffee beans depending on the brew time.

If you are brewing your coffee for more than a minute, it is ideal to use a coarse grind. This way, you will not over-extract the coffee flavours, preventing you from making a java that is too bold.

On the other hand, use a fine grind if you want to brew your coffee grounds fast. Fine coffee grinds are easier to extract, so your coffee will taste perfect.

More importantly, make sure to use only the best coffee beans for pour over.

The Takeaway

There is nothing better than a cup of freshly-made pour-over coffee. But if you want to make your brew even better, the best coffee beans for pour over will result in perfect-tasting cups of coffee.

We hope that this guide helped you in choosing the coffee product that will work best for you. We have also included a guide that will help you make your pour-over coffee better in terms of quality in taste.

Do you have comments or suggestions? Leave them in the comment box below, and we’ll do our best to answer them!