10 Best Coffee Bags That Are Steeped & Perfectly Brewed

Preparing a cup of good coffee can be time-consuming. When you do not have time to brew your favourite coffee, the best way is to use instant coffee for your quick coffee fix!

However, instant coffee tastes far different from brewed coffee grounds. But what if I tell you that there is a quick and easy way of brewing coffee grounds?

Enter the humble coffee bag. These coffee bags are just like tea, which you only need to steep in hot water and enjoy.

If you are not familiar with single-use coffee bags, let me share some of the best ones that are worth every penny!

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10 Of The Best Coffee Bags That You Need To Try

coffee bags
The best coffee bags allow you to prepare a good cup of coffee within a few minutes.

Coffee bags are still new on the market, but they are already making a name for the freshness and convenience they offer. They also serve as coffee-on-the-go as they are very portable.

You can simply place a packet or two of the best coffee bags and steep them whenever you crave coffee.

If you want to try steeped coffee, we have 10 recommendations that are worth trying:

1. Steeped Coffee California Blend

best coffee bags

This coffee bag consists of 100% medium roast coffee from the Cauca region in Colombia. Meaning the coffee beans used are sourced directly from the farmers, allowing the manufacturers to maintain the beans’ freshness.

The coffee beans underwent a slow roasting in small batches, allowing their chocolatey notes and fragrant aroma to fully develop.

Apart from the medium roast California Blend, Steeped Coffee also offers Sunrise and Breakwater Blends. The Sunrise Blend has a light roast coffee bean flavour, while the latter has a strong French roast that gives you the right energy to start your day.

2. Wildland Coffee’s Coffee In A Tea Bag

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This single-serve coffee has a rich chocolatey taste and a creamy consistency. It uses medium roast coffee beans sourced from Brazil, achieving the perfect balance between not too bitter and not too strong.

The makers of this coffee ensure that each bag remains fresh for 12 months by nitro-flushing or removing the oxygen in them. That said, there is no doubt that Wildland Coffee is one of the best coffee bags available right now.

All you need to do to enjoy the Wildland coffee is steep it in 8oz of water for three to seven minutes. The longer the steeping time, the stronger your brew will be.

3. Chamberlain Steeped Bags

coffee bags

If you want different coffee roasts to match your varying tastebuds, the Chamberlain Steeped Bags are the best coffee bags for you. It features a different roast level for every bag, making it an ideal choice for people who cannot decide what roast level they want their coffee beans to be.

Each box of the Chamberlain Steeped Bags contains:

  • Early Bird Blend – a light roast coffee with sweet yet high caffeine content
  • Social Dog Blend – a medium roast with sweet notes and velvety consistency
  • Careless Cat Blend – also a medium roast but features a smooth and warm flavour
  • Night Owl Blend – a dark roast that will keep you awake. This flavour also has hints of smoothness and richness in every sip.
  • Family Blend – a smooth and rich medium roast coffee

The Chamberlain Steeped Bags are one of the best coffee bags that you can purchase, considering the choices that it gives coffee drinkers.

4. Solid Coffee Roasters Medium Roast Coffee Bags

coffee bags

You can never go wrong with the freshness of these coffee bags from the Solid Coffee Roasters’ single-serve coffee bags. The manufacturers of this coffee nitrogen flushed each bag twice, keeping the coffee bags fresh for a long time.

It uses medium-roast coffee grounds, which is perfect for people who seek a balanced flavour and strength for their brew. The beans used came from Salgar Colombia.

What I personally like about these coffee bags is that they are portable. So, I can always bring a bag or two when I go to work, allowing me to enjoy good coffee whenever, wherever.

5. Mondo Single-Serve Steeped Coffee Bags

coffee bags

Each box of the Mondo Steeped Coffee Bags contains 20 single-serve packets. Every packet holds single-origin coffee grounds, but the company source the coffee beans it uses from five countries:

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras

Meaning you can taste coffee that came from these five countries when you purchase a box of the Mondo coffee bags.

It also boasts premium organic Arabica beans, so you can ensure that your coffee will be perfect in every way. The beans are slow-roasted in small batches, giving each bean a uniform color and roast level.

6. Folgers Decaf Medium Roast Singles Coffee

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Sometimes, we crave coffee at night. However, a good cup of joe can ruin our sleep if we are not mindful!

Fortunately, Folgers has easy to prepare decaf coffee in steeping bags. The roasting process of the coffee beans used for this product removed 99.7 percent of its caffeine content.

So, you can enjoy coffee without worrying about palpitations.

Each box of the Folgers Decaf Medium Roast Coffee contains 19 coffee bags. Although it is decaf, the bold flavour and aroma of coffee still remain, making it one of the best coffee bags for coffee enthusiasts.

7. Twin Peaks Pour-Over Colombian Arabica Coffee

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The Twin Peaks Pour-Over Coffee comes in single-use steeping bags. But instead of steeping it in a mug with hot water, it is essentially a pour-over coffee.

Meaning the coffee bag serves as a filter that prevents the coffee grounds from getting in the way of your clean and smooth coffee. Needless to say, this pour-over coffee packet is among the best coffee bags that you can have right now.

The coffee grounds are Arabica Colombian beans grown by farmers with the aim of producing the highest possible coffee quality in mind. Twin Peaks roasted the coffee beans in small batches, so they are very bright and acidic.

But despite the acidity, there are still some sweet notes and fruity flavours from the coffee grounds.

8. CRU Kafe Organic Decaf Coffee Bags

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These coffee bags are a great choice for people who are looking for the best coffee bags without the kick of caffeine.

CRU Kafe’s organic decaf coffee bags consists of medium-dark roast Fairtrade Peruvian beans, which give your brew a nutty and malted aroma with chocolate, sweetened honey, and hazelnut notes.

The coffee beans are organic, so you can enjoy a delicious coffee in a healthier way. What is even better is that the filter makes your brew smooth and free of coffee grounds floating on it.

Moreover, these are the best coffee bags to pair with a creamer and sweetener.

9. Coffee Blenders T-Bag Coffee Packets

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The best coffee bags should have beans that come from places that produce high-quality coffee beans. Fortunately, the Coffee Blenders offer a box of steeped coffee with coffee grounds that came from coffee-renowned places:

  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Ethiopia
  • Rwanda

The coffee beans are medium roasted and double nitrogen flushed for freshness. After steeping the coffee bag for three to five minutes, your brew will taste just like freshly roasted coffee.

10. Tribo Coffee Single-Serve Portable Pour-Over Drip Coffee

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What’s excellent about Tribo Coffee is that they are ethically and sustainably sourced. Tribo roasted the Arabica beans in small batches, giving you a smooth, balanced, and bold cup of joe.

The brand takes pride in this coffee for having a flavour similar to the ones brewed by baristas. Each bag is crafted and sealed with natural nitrogen, so it remains fresh for an entire 12 months.

The Tribo Single-Serve Coffee packs are easy to prepare, which makes it one of the best coffee bags in the coffee scene. You simply need to place it over a cup, pour water, and enjoy smooth coffee.

What Exactly Are Coffee Bags?

Coffee bags have the same concept as tea bags, only that they contain ground coffee instead. Using the best coffee bags means that you no longer use special tools to brew your coffee.

All you need is hot water and your favourite coffee mug. Simply soak the coffee bags in the water for a few minutes, depending on how light or strong you want your coffee to be.

After steeping your coffee bag, give it a little squeeze using a spoon and enjoy a kick of caffeine in every sip of your flavourful brew.

The best coffee bags are a convenient way of making coffee. You can even bring it anywhere you go, so you’ll have something to prepare when you crave coffee.

coffee bags
The best coffee bags are high-quality coffee grounds packed in a tea bag, which makes it perfect for steeping.

How Does Steeped Coffee Taste?

Coffee bags or steeped coffee are often nitrogen-flushed. For this reason, they taste fresh no matter how long they are sitting in your pantry.

Personally, I think steeped coffee tastes like freshly filtered coffee, which is made better by its strong aroma.

However, it is essential to note that the taste of the best coffee bags will depend on two factors: their brand and the amount of time that you steeped it.

For instance, medium roast coffee in bags will taste bold and strong when you steep it for a long time. They also usually have sweet, chocolatey, and fruity notes.

There are also decaffeinated coffee bags, which are perfect for people who are trying to avoid caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee bags are a little less intense than regular coffee.

But this factor will not prevent you from enjoying fantastic and convenient coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Coffee Bags

coffee and milk
You can enjoy your coffee bag in any way you like, such as adding sugar and milk.

Are coffee bags the same as instant coffee?

Instant coffee is extremely easy to prepare, and so is coffee bags. However, these two types of coffee are not the same in any way.

Frozen dried instant coffee needs to undergo many processes before coffee drinkers can use it. On the other hand, the best coffee bags contain real coffee grounds, which are carefully picked, roasted, and packed to preserve their freshness.

How long should coffee bags steep?

It is ideal for letting your coffee bag steep in 8 to 10 oz of water for at least three minutes if you want a light coffee taste. But if you want a rich java cup with a strong taste and high level of caffeine, you can steep your coffee bag for a little longer.

Can you add milk and sugar to coffee bags?

If you have the best coffee bags, that means you can enjoy them in any way that you like. So, you can add sugar, milk, and even milk alternatives to your brew.

You can even make cold coffee by steeping your coffee bag in hot water and adding ice to it after getting all the flavours out.

Where did coffee bags come from?

The best coffee bags were only introduced to the coffee scene not long ago. But it is becoming more and more popular for people who seek convenience when making coffee.

The first coffee bags were made in 1970 in the UK when the brand Taylors Coffee Bags launched its steeped coffee in a UK-wide television advertisement.

Steepin’ Things Up

I think that the Chamberlain Coffee Bags are the best coffee bags on this list for a bunch of reasons.

But the best reason is that it offers a different roast and flavour level in each coffee bag. So, you can choose what coffee you want depending on your mood.

The Tribo and Mondo coffee bags are also excellent choices. They often provide me with the energy that I need to start my day or when I need something to give me a kick of energy.

If you haven’t tried coffee bags yet, you are depriving yourself of the convenience that they can provide. Do give these suggested ones a try and enjoy the joys of freshly-brewed coffee without too much prep!