7 Best Japanese Coffee Brands Worth Trying

best japanese coffee brands

As I have always said, I am a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur. So, I always strive to try different types of coffee, be it instant or coffee grounds. For my new coffee adventure, I am trying the best Japanese coffee brands available today. Of course, I cannot test every single brand, or I’ll go broke, so … Read more

Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee: Yay or Nay?

heavy whipping cream in coffee

Ah, mornings…you just gotta love them (I actually detest them before my coffee convinces me otherwise). But is it only me that needs my morning dose of coffee to function properly? A cup enables me to open my eyes and keep them that way. Some prefer theirs dark and strong. Other’s version, on the other … Read more

15 Summer Coffee Drinks Ideas + Recipes

summer coffee drinks

Coffee is something that I would drink no matter how hot a summer day is. I feel like I would always look for ways to enjoy coffee no matter what time of the day it is or even when the weather is not really coffee-friendly. Hot weather and hot coffee somehow screams dehydration on a … Read more

How Does a Coffee Machine Work?

how a coffee maker works

We all know how important coffee is. A lot of us can’t even function without it! But have you ever wondered how a coffee machine actually works? The answer might surprise you! Let’s start with why we need coffee. Coffee beans contain caffeine, which blocks the effects of adenosine in our bodies. Adenosine is a … Read more

Naturally Sweet Coffee: Is There Such A Thing?

naturally sweet coffee

People always assume that all types of coffee are bitter and only become sweet when adding sugar to your brew. But if you explore the coffee scene in detail, you will find out that not all coffee types are strong and bitter. While not everyone may believe it, but naturally sweet coffee actually exists! This … Read more

Espresso Romano: How To Make Espresso with Lemon?

espresso romano

One of the most intriguing coffee-based beverages that a coffee lover may ever come across is the espresso romano. This beverage consists of two shots of espresso added with a slice of lemon. As strange as it may sound, lemon makes the coffee taste better. It complements the bitterness of espresso, while the espresso reduces … Read more