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Welcome To The Coffee Sprawl!

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Coffee for me is basically how “cosy places” are in beverage form. The tone, flavour, profile and smell and favourite coffee haunts around the world are what The Coffee Sprawl is all about!

My name is Pashmina and I am all here for what makes a great coffee and to inspire my readers on the various coffee escapades around the world!

We decided to dish out what is it about caffeine and the taste of coffee. It’s almost like a spiritual thing when you have found the perfect cup!

Our Team

The Coffee Sprawl team of writers are passionate about the processes, coffee grounds, the farming methods to independent roasters. They love to write about the best machines out there, what types of coffee beans are best and how do things work out in the coffee world!

Our coffee guides involved product reviews and analysis — we love that coffee making has come a long way and there are so many machines and techniques out there that still stand tall!

We are all about coffee for the community!

Where do you go from here?

If you’re here for that perfect morning pause and want to know where to start, learn about the best coffee for beginners

Sometimes running out of paper filters can be troublesome. Are you new to the coffee journey and still figuring out the alternatives? Here are the 10 substitutes for a coffee filter.

We have more content coming up so stay tuned coffeeholics!